Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Leo Dangles & Auction Update

Leo: Hi Everypawdy! I may look mad here, but I'm really giving the eyes of lurve to my mommy! And lets not forget the totally awesome dangle I'm pulling off! Right up to the arm pit! That's right, I rule the dangle!


Friends! The Winnie's Wish Holiday Insta-Auction ends FRIDAY! You're running out of time! Please be sure to bid bid bid! Every bid helps the kitties of Winnie's Wish!


There are lots of awesome items that still do not have bids! Or have second ones of that are still waiting for bids! Check these ones out!


 And lots more!! There should be something to everyone's liking! So if you're looking for a gift, for a friend or for your pet, or for yourself, please, check it out today! It all ends Friday at midnight!


Don't forget to get on board with the Holiday Package Party, also to benefit Winnie's Wish! Lets get them through the holiday without having to go shopping for litter and food!!


Thursday, December 7, 2017

Thankful Thursday And Auction Extension!

Yesterday was St. Nicholas' Day and we got a knock at our door! St Nicholas left us some wonderful goodies AND the kitties got their very own bag of fun stuff!

I haven't given them everything yet, but they've had a few out for test drives. A quick favorite was this orange mousie! He must have some good nippy scent because the made them wild! I only managed to get a few pictures of Cashmere with it. None of Leo because he was behind my back, and Glitter hid with it!

So for thankful Thursday we are thankful for St. Nick and his goodie bags!

Cashmere: Mine! All mine! Oo I love this mousie! St. Nick likes me best for giving me this awesome toy! Well, ok, I stole it right out from under Leo's nose.. but still, it's mine all mine! Right?

Cashmere: Whoops, is that Leo coming back? Quick, where can I hide this??


Here's something to be thankful for! The Winnie's Wish Insta-Auction has been EXTENDED!
That's right, there's more time to shop!

The Auction will not close until the 15th of December now!

I've added so many things, even up to last night, that I would like everyone to have a chance to see the new stuff and maybe find a treasure they didn't notice before!
Every bid helps the kitties of Winnie's Wish!

Please take the updated banners, either size, and share!


Please don't forget about the Winnie's Wish Holiday Package Party! It goes on until the holidays are over!



Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Wordless Wednesday with Leo and Cashmere


New items added! Ends Sunday!!


Litter and food still the biggest need! Every bag is a huge help!




Monday, December 4, 2017

Mancat Monday, the Buzz

Leo: Hey ev-fur-body! Before I get to the buzz, I want you all to know that yes, that is big gobs of my furs on mommy's pillow! And yes, she deserved them! Because even though she's playing bee with me here, she spend most of the weekend doing the sewity-sew stuffs and then the tappity tap stuffs when she should have been doing the cuddly cuddles stuffs and the playfully play stuffs!
All for a good cause, she says.. yeah, I know, but still! A mancat's gotta get his snuggles and playtimes no matter what!
So, what's the buzz? hee hee, get it?
The buzz is.... She's got lots of new stuffs on the auction for Winnie's Wish! Beddy type stuffs! Including new self-heating ones that I wasn't allowed to get my furs on!
Hrrmph! As if it didn't make them more valuable with my furs covering them! But no... Stay off, Leo, stay off, girls.. know what I think of that? THHHHRRRP! That's right, a great big ol' raspberry!
There was some other stuff too, that didn't require furring up, but man, how can I hold my head up if I let beddies out without any furs?! I'll do my best when she's not looking..
Speaking of looking, have a look at the new stuff by clicking the picture below or HERE to go to the Winnie's Wish Holiday Insta-Auction!
Every bid helps the kitties of Winnie's Wish!!
Thank you!!

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Caturday Art

I decided to use the Wordless Wednesday picture, the one of Glitter sleeping on the roof of her cat cave, or as we call it when she's in it, the Glitter Grotto!

Here's the original

Here's it turned purple!

This one is Mosaic

My usual favorite! Cartoonify
Just over a week before the Winnie's Wish Holiday Insta-Auction ends! Make sure you get your bid in on your favorite item! I will be adding a few more things by the end of the weekend (Monday at the latest hopefully) so check back often!
Also, if you would, please read about the Holiday Package Party for Winnie's Wish! Let's get them food and litter to get through the holidays! Read about it here:

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Wordless Wednesday With Glitter


Don't forget about our two big Holiday promotions! Winnie's Wish is overfull and really needs the help!

First, the Holiday Package party! If we could all send something from their Amazon Wish List, we could help them get through the holidays without having to make a big shopping trip (they are far from stores). Litter and food are the big needs but there are other items too!


Next up, we have the Holiday Insta-Auction! Lots of great Christmas items as well as things that would make great gifts! (Gifts to yourself count!) Just added a few new items too! Every bid helps the kitties of Winnie's Wish!




Monday, November 27, 2017

Winnie's Wish Holiday Insta-Auction!

I wasn't going to do it, but I have so many cute Christmas items, and so many wonderful things that would make great gifts, even for one's own self! that I decided I better do it!

That's why today I'm pleased to announce the start of


Every bid helps the kitties of Winnie's Wish; pays for medical bills, including spays and neuters, medicines, pays for cleaning supplies (think your kitty is a bit messy? multiply that by about 27 I believe), pays for litter, pays for food, including special foods for kitties with problems, pays for cathouse heat, pays for all those little things you never think about until a kitty needs it!

This Quick Auction will run just like our other Insta Auctions except that instead of having 7 days to bid on an item after it receives it's first bid, you only have 3 days! So if you have a favorite item, be sure to get your bids in quick!

All proceeds (except for shipping where required) will go to Winnie's Wish Rescue and Shelter!
They are FULL up so you know they are in need of funds!
If you don't find something you like, perhaps consider just making a donation or using the Wish List to send some much needed item!
Also, please look at the adoptable cats AND KITTENS on the sidebar there and, if you can't add to your own home, please share share share because they are desperate for Great Homes for these wonderful kitties!
Thank you!!
Please share the auction if you will! Feel free to use the badge above or this sidebar sized one below with the link https://winnieswishauction.blogspot.com/
You may be asking "What about the Winnie's Wish Holiday Package Party?" Well, That's still running too!
It's still my hope that we can, all together, send a whole bunch of litter and food (or other supplies on their amazon wish list) to get the kitties through the holiday season!
Can you do both? YES!
Can you do just one or the other? YES!
Every bit, in either or both fundraisers, helps more than you can ever know!
Any bit you can do to help is appreciated more than you can ever know!
Please note:
The Holiday Insta-Auction runs from today through December 10th at midnight EST!
The Holiday Package Party will continue through New Years! (Maybe til the end of the 12 days of Christmas which ends with Epiphany on January 6th!)
Thank you everyone! We loves you all!!